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Momo's experience & inspiration

If there is a fruit that was with me through the thick and thin, it's probably grapes. Since I was little my mom always has packed grapes for snack. When i'm feeling down I open my sack to find grapes! On good days I open my lunch to find yet again, grapes! One thing you should know is I hate artifitial grape flavoring! Like why would you take such a wonderful fruit and make a flavor that tastes almost nothing like it??? I love the regular grapes, but for some odd reason I don't like raisins either. Because yet again i'm thinking " Why take a delicious fruit and make it sun-dried? It takes all the juicy-ness out!" (This is only my opinion) I love the original grapes. The juicy, fruity, and not-sticking to your teeth kind. I love grapes. (And the color purple)

  • Product Info

    Frame Size

       Lens Width : 45

       Bridge Width : 15

       Temple Arm Length : 130

       Nose Pads : High, Low


       Front :  Acetate

       Temple : Acetate

    Made in Japan